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Camp Tigertail

I’ve always felt nostalgic about camp, even though I’ve never been to [sleepaway] camp. I’m infatuated by the concept of feeling nostalgic for something you’ve never experienced. I’ve always been enamored with all things camp, from the t-shirts to the friendship bracelet making to the campfire s’mores and in general, the essence of camp. I’m obsessed with the “kitsch” and “campiness” of camp and with my thesis, I wanted to explore how I could create my own version of camp that’s based on movies like The Parent Trap, Wet Hot American Summer, and Moonrise Kingdom, but still come out with an authentic, real experience for past summer campers and non-campers alike. My goal is to explore my own personal nostalgia while emulating the nostalgic feelings of going to summer camp as a kid.

Growing up, my mom taught me the concept of creating experiences around spaces and how to be a good host, all the while making it look presentation-ready. Her influence and experiences have made me appreciate and love the concept of bringing people together and creating and cultivating the space to do so. Especially now, in the midst of a pandemic.

Camp Tigertail is an all-inclusive hospitality experience that blends social connection with nostalgic reminiscing. Using design as a means of building this (currently) fictional camp experience, I created varied applications from in-cabin collateral to branded merchandise. Camp Tigertail explores human connection by way of nostalgia through an extensive brand identity created to invoke a sense of place.

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Thesis Advisor & Camp-Lover: Dinah Fried
Illustration (Camp Tigertail Mascot and other bits): Carly Blumenthal
Architect of CT Grounds Map: Ferial Sadeghian
Copywriting: Lizzy Cheshire
Photography: Pulled from various sources, credited here.

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